WYS Sealing solution characterized by to provide Heat resistance/Cold resistance /Reducing oil pollution. This is main stream of needs of Cylinder maker and we are providing verified OEM quality seal. Recently WYS seals made a remarkable growth of quality and quality control, the quality already have reached or surpassed the Global Major leading seal maker quality with very reasonable cost. Our motto is to provide to our costumer Most reliable, Most superior, Most reasonable sealing solution to satisfy customer requirement.

Our product range

Whole hydraulic seal for construction machinery and industrial used

Repair seal kit

Hydraulic Breaker seal

Hydraulic Breaker seal kit

Floating seal

President Sangdon Kim

Since the establishment in 1988, Wonyoung seal corporation has grown to lead the hydraulic & pneumatic sealing systems of Korea by actively developing new technology. AS a major supplier of industrial & heavy equipment sealing systems to over 40 overseas countries & over 300 domestic major customers, Wonyoung seal corporation has been leading has been leading new high sealing technology. With a plan to become one of the global major sealing manufacturer in 21C, WYS will continue its all-out efforts to guarantee customer satisfaction through the best service & quality products. WYS is the reliable maker in Seals all over the world.