Our core values are, Technology! Quality! Global view! Looking to the future!
Here is a company. APCON Hydraulic, who will open up the future. The company has been accumulating the technology for repairing small parts, and components and assembly of heavy equipment since its establishment in 1988. We started as a maintenance and repairbusiness in 1988 and soon established a system to produce all parts of hydraulic equipment for heavy equipment. Under the motto of “Fresh start every day” we developed more than half of the main facility for ourselves through research and development of new technology, and with the talented employees cultivation, we also achieved cost reduction and productivity improvement, and acquired greater competitiveness. We, APCON H ydraulic, continuously str ive to satisfy our customers needs and prove our reliability through differentiated product quality and excellent service. With this comesour positive and challenging attitude to challenges and changes in the world .


  • 1990.11

    APCON Hydraulic was established
  • 2005.10

    Development of Hydraulic Pump for Heavy construction machinery assembly
  • 2007.04

    INNO-BIZ certification
  • 2007.05

    Acquirement of KS Q ISO 9001:2008 /Certification of ISO 9001:2009
  • 2007.07

    Certification of Enterprise specializing in parts materials
  • 2007.07

    Acquisition of Korea venture business association
  • 2008.02

    Developed Hydraulic Pump Test Bench
  • 2008.06

    Selected as 'Promising Export Firm
  • 2008.09

    Acquirement of KS I ISO 14001,2004 / Certification of ISO 14001:2009
  • 2008.09

    Honorable Business man' awarded by Masan City
  • 2009.03

    Awarded 'Letter of Commendation' by the Chief of Masan district tax office
  • 2009.04

    Acquired Promising Export Firm from IBK Bank
  • 2009.09

    Application for a patent of Hydraulic cart for spraying paint
  • 2009.11

    'APCON Hydraulic' conversion to a corporation
  • 2009.12

    Awarded 15th 'Gyeongnam exporter prize chairman of K.I.T.A.'
  • 2010.01

    As a construction machinery repair business resistered
  • 2010.04

    R&D center establishment
  • 2010.05

    Hydraulic Motor for Heavy construction machinery assembly development
  • 2010.05

    Developed 5~8ton Travel Motor Assembly
  • 2010.10

    Developed 14ton Travel Motor Assembly
  • 2010.12

    Received the grand prize 'Order of merit for Export'
  • 2010.12

    Developed HST Rotary Parts
  • 2011.05

    Established 2nd plant
  • 2011.07

    1st branch opened in Guangzhou, China
  • 2011.08

    Developed 22ton Travel Motor Assembly
  • 2011.08

    Signed that OEM of Cylinder Block / Retainer Plate with HYUNDAI HYMS
  • 2011.12

    Developed 5~8ton Swing Motor Assembly
  • 2012.08

    Developed 8ton Main Pump Assembly
  • 2013.07

    Selected as 'Best employment enterprise'
  • 2014.05

    Moving into New-Factory (9929.8㎡)
  • 2014.08

    Signed that OEM of HST Assembly with CHINA JIANGSU WORLD
  • 2015.01

    Supplying Main Pump Assembly to DOOSAN INFRACORE
  • 2015.01

    Certificated AEO(Authorized Economic Operator) by KOREA Custom
  • 2015.04

    Developed 4ton Travel Motor Assembly
  • 2015.11

    Certificated Global hidden champions by small and medium business Administration
  • 2016.01

    Developed 1.5ton~3ton Travel Motor Assembly
  • 2016.12

    Awarded a $10 millions prize on Trade day